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Our Story

A 501c3 non-profit organization, GRACE Cancer Foundation was established in 2008 by Julie Pfeifer and Lisa Willman, two Grand Island, Nebraska breast cancer survivors who had a heartfelt need and desire to help local cancer patients and their families in their fight with this deadly disease. The organization was originally named The GRACE Foundation, with GRACE standing for GRand Island Area Cancer Endowment. In 2018, for the organization's 10th Anniversary, it was re-named GRACE Cancer Foundation. Julie and Lisa's hope is to provide not only emotional support but funds available through GRACE to assist with unique financial obligations and unmet needs for those fighting ALL types of cancer. GRACE Cancer Foundation assists cancer patients who live within 40 miles of Grand Island, Nebraska, or who are being treated at the Grand Island or Hastings Cancer Centers. Help is available through several methods, such as gas cards, assistance with medical bills, household expenses, and more.

Our Mission

GRACE Cancer Foundation positively impacts the lives of cancer patients and their families in and around the Grand Island area



Each year we award $2,000 scholarships to

two seniors who have an immediate

family member affected by cancer.


Gas Cards

We provide gas cards for 

cancer patients and families

to purchase gas cards.


Medical Bills

We offer cancer patients

financial assistance for hospital

and doctor's office bills.


Food Cards

We provide gift cards for

cancer patients and families to

purchase groceries.


Household Expenses

We can help with mortgage or

rent payments, utility and,

phone bills.

Our Work

Our Programs

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