The GRACE Cancer Foundation was established to help local cancer patients and their families. 

Grant applications are reviewed as soon as they are received.

Grant Program

Grants from $50 to $1,000 can be awarded to assist cancer patients and their families with expenses related to cancer treatment. Requests are accepted only from those applicants who have not received an award within the prior 12 months. Grant funds are paid directly to a third party, such as a landlord, mortgage or utility company, medical provider, or pharmacy.

Grant Eligibility Requirements for Individuals/Families

  • A cancer diagnosis to the principal working member of the family that prevents such member from providing economic support.
  • A cancer diagnosis to members of the family that cause the principal working member to take time off that results in a reduction to the family’s income.
  • A cancer diagnosis that has left the family in a situation of economic hardship due to expenses that are not covered by insurance.
  • The cancer patient lives within a 40 mile radius of Grand Island or is currently receiving or has received treatment at Grand Island Saint Francis Medical Cancer Treatment Center.

Application Information for Individuals/Families

Individuals/Families applying for assistance are asked to submit a letter which includes the following:

  • Name of Cancer patient and contact information
  • A description of the individual’s or family’s needs being addressed.
  • Amount requested. Please describe how the funds will be used (third party payee, dollar amount by payee, account numbers and addresses), and include other sources of support the individual or family may have and why additional funding is needed.
  • Brief family budget, indicating financial resources and current expenses and financial obligations.

Selection Process

Every effort will be made to review requests as quickly as possible.

It is important that the individuals remain anonymous to those representing the GRACE Cancer Foundation.

Grand Island Saint Francis Medical Cancer Treatment Center will be contacted to verify the treatment of noted cancer patient.

Please download the the authorization for release of medical information, sign, and submit with the request for financial assistance.