What is GRACE Cancer Foundation?

A 501c3 non-profit organization, GRACE Cancer Foundation was established in 2008 by Julie Pfeifer and Lisa Willman, two Grand Island, Nebraska breast cancer survivors who had a heartfelt need and desire to help local cancer patients and their families in their fight with this deadly disease. The organization was originally named The GRACE Foundation, with GRACE standing for GRand Island Area Cancer Endowment. In 2018, for the organization's 10th Anniversary, it was re-named GRACE Cancer Foundation. Julie and Lisa's hope is to provide not only emotional support, but funds available through GRACE to assist with unique financial obligations and unmet needs for those fighting ALL types of cancer. GRACE Cancer Foundation assists cancer patients who live within 40 miles of Grand Island, Nebraska, or are being treated at the Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center in Grand Island, or the Mary Lanning Healthcare - Morrison Cancer Center in Hastings. Help is available through several methods, such as gas cards, assistance with medical bills, household expenses, and more.

What GRACE Does:


How GRACE is Helping, Hoping, Healing!

  • 86 cancer patients in central Nebraska were given over $73,373.28 in financial assistance to help with medical expenses, rent, utilities, and more in 2018!

  • $5,880 in fuel cards were gifted to cancer patients in 2018 to assist with travel needs for medical appointments!

  • GRACE Snack Buckets are given throughout the year to patients while going through treatment!

  • Several signature GRACE events took place in 2018 to help raise funds for GRACE: Race for GRACE, Aces for GRACE, Bases for GRACE, Jeans for GRACE, Greens for GRACE, and the second annual GRACE New Year's Eve Gala

  • GRACE participates in Go Big Give, a one day of giving organized through Heartland United Way and Grand Island Community Foundation – raising $7,200 in 2018!

  • Numerous special fundraiser events took place with local businesses and organizations - too many to list!

  • Every Christmas, GRACE, along with area businesses, helps provide support to families in need through the Adopt a Family program with the Heartland United Way!

  • The GRACE Blessings Box was introduced in summer 2017, offering free pantry supplies to families in need!

  • To help our patients even further, GRACE partners with Project Pink’d, Pediatric Cancer Action Network (PCAN), Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Angels Among Us!

    • Project Pink’d assisted with 5 GRACE patients in 2018 totaling $5000

    • PCAN assisted 2 GRACE patients in 2018 totaling $4000

    • Alex’s Lemonade Stand assisted 1 GRACE Patient in 2018 for an Airline ticket to St. Jude’s for $700

    • Angels Among Us assisted 1 GRACE Patient in 2018 with $9000

Amounts GRACE has assisted to local Cancer Patients

2014: $18,684.97 - 42 patients assisted

2015: $63,815.40 – 88 patients assisted

2016: $84,455.40 – 74 patients assisted

2017: $73,421.46 – 79 patients assisted

2018: $73,373.28 – 86 patients assisted

Total - $313,750.51 – 369 patients assisted over 5 years


2019: $84,688.93 – January-June 2019 assistance

83 Patients assisted through June 2019

I don’t know what I would have done without the help of GRACE. There were times I felt hopeless. GRACE Cancer Foundation is my angel!
— Maria Yebra, Breast Cancer Warrior & GRACE Patient